Monday, 16 April 2012

How to Cook Suji ki Idli?

Ready to cook Suji ki Idli....

Ingrediens Required:

  • Suji (250gm)
  • Rai
  • Salt
  • Dahi(Yogurt 100 gm)
  • Oil
  • Black Sarso

Steps to Cook:

  • Take Dry Suji in a bowl,put some water into it and mix it well to make a paste, also add Dahi to it.Make its paste using more amount of Dahi rather than water.
  • Thereon add Salt,Rai or Black Sarso to it.
  • Keep it aside for around 2hours.
  • You should have an Idli Maker with you,If you don't have buy it from the market.
  • After 2 hours,take your idli make and fill its base with water and allow it to boil for some time.
  • In the mean time you put oil in the rest of the container of the idli maker and start filling it with the paste that you earlier prepared.
  • Now one by one put these containers in that idli maker.(You will be provided with all the containers along with the idli maker.)
  • Now Cover its lid and allow it to heat for around 10 min.
  • Finally open the lid of the idli maker and serve it with sambhar.

Delicious Suji ki Idli is   is ready...

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