Monday, 11 August 2014

How to cook gatte ki sabji

 Ready to cook Gatte ki sabji...

Ingredients Required:
  • Gram flour
  • Vegetable Oil
  • Onion
  • Garlic Paste
  • Ginger Paste
  • Green Chilly
  • Turmeric Powder
  • Red Chilly Powder
  • Green Coriander leaves
  • Salt
  • Tomatoes 2,3 
  • Dry Coriander Powder
  • Cumin seeds
  • Carom seeds(ajwain)
Steps To Cook:
  • Take 1 cup of gram flour(bean) in a bowl,Add salt,turmeric powder,2 spoon of oil,pinch of carom seeds and coriander powder.
  • Now add water to it such that it forms a tough dough,meanwhile boil water in another container and add 1 spoon of oil to it.
    • Thereon,take small balls of dough and roll it to a cylindrical shape and as the water boils place these cylindrical shape rolls into the water and repeat the process for rest of the dough.
    • Now,let the balls boil.The best way to identify whether the balls are fully cooked or not is if the balls start floating in water it means the balls are ready.
    • As it starts floating,put off the stove and drain the balls and keep the warm water aside.
    • Now cut onions and fry in pan and then add Dry coriander powder,turmeric powder,salt to taste,red chilly powder,ginger and garlic paste to it. 
    • Make tomato puree and to the paste.Finally,add water to it and let it boil.
    • Now,fry the spices thoroughly.
    • Lastly cut small pieces of cylindrical shape balls of dough and put in the gravy and let it again boil for some time.
    • Garnish the tasty vegetarian recipe with green coriander leaves.

    Delicious Gatte ki sabji is ready.......

    Friday, 8 August 2014

    How to Cook Dum Aloo?

     Ready to cook Dum Aloo...

    Ingredients Required:
    • Small Sized Potato
    • Tomato 2 small sized
    • Onion
    • Garlic Paste
    • Oil
    • Ginger Paste
    • Red Chili Powder
    • Green Corainder leaves
    • Salt
    • Chicken Masala or Meat Masala
    • Dry Coriander Powder
    • Dry Red Chilli
    • Cumin seeds
    • Turmeric Powder
    Steps To Cook:
    • Peel off the skin of potatoes and soak in water while you cut the onions.
    • Heat oil in a cooker,add cumin seeds to it and then fry the onions until golden brown and then add salt and turmeric powder.
      • Now add garlic and ginger paste and saute.
      • Thereon,add the the peeled off potatoes in the cooker and fry it well.
      • Now add the cut tomatoes to it and the rest spices i.e Chicken Masala or Meat Masala and saute.
      • Now finally add 2 cups of water and close the lid of the cooker and allow it stay on stove for 5-7 min. 
      • Open the lid of the cooker after the steam evaporates from cooker.

      Delicious Dum Aloo is ready.......

      Friday, 5 July 2013

      Sabudana Paratha recipe | How to make sabudana paratha

      sabadana ka paratha

      Ingredients required:

      1: Sabudana (Sago)

      2: Onion

      3: Fresh coriander 

      4: Chat Masala

      5: Potato

      6: Refined oil

      7: Salt

      आवश्यक सामग्री

      1: साबूदाना

      2: प्याज

      3: ताजा धनिया

      4: चैट मसाला

      5: आलू

      6: रिफाइंड तेल

      7: नमक

      Steps To Follow:

      1: Soak Sabudana ( साबूदाना) overnight in cold water,

      2: Boil Potatoes (आलू) and then keep it aside.

      3: Now drain sabudana ( साबूदाना)  and then mash potatoes (आलू)  in it,after peeling the skin of the potato (आलू) .

      4: Add salt ( नमक), chat masala and Fresh coriander (ताजा धनिया) to it,if you wish you could add finely chopped onions ( प्याज) to it.

      5: Now make small balls of the mixture you prepared and then take a drop of oil and rub it on your palm so that it doesn't stick while making it flat.

      6: Now make those balls flat like chapati.

      7: Take a fry pan and add 3,4 spoon oil and then put the flat chapati like balls that your prepared on it.

      8: Turn it over and roast it properly.

      Note: Do not add water while making a mixture of sabudana ( साबूदाना)  and potatoes(आलू) .

      Tuesday, 2 July 2013

      How to make cheese sandwich - Cheese Sandswich recipe


      Ingredients required:





      Chat masala

      Tomato sauce


      आवश्यक सामग्री


      चीज, पनीर

      शिमला मिर्च


      चाट मसाला

      टमाटर सॉस



      Steps to follow

      1: Cut rounded slices of tomato (टमाटर) and capsicum (शिमला मिर्च), If You do not like capsicum (शिमला मिर्च), you can add Onion(प्याज) according to your taste.

      2: Cut Mint (पुदीना) leaves and add salt(नमक) to it and grind it in a mixer to make a paste out of it.

      3: Cut a slice of cheese (चीज, पनीर) and leave it apart for some time.

      4: Firstly take 2 slices of bread (ब्रेड) and then spread the mint (पुदीना) paste on one of the slice and put the sliced capsicum (शिमला मिर्च), tomato (टमाटर), onion (प्याज) and on top of it spread cheese slice,and then put another slice of bread on top of it.

      5: Finally grill the complete bread in a grille for 2-3 minutes.

      You can eat cheese sandwich as a snack or in breakfast.

      Preparation time: 5 minutes

      Tips: Do not add extra vegetables to the sandwich,it may spoil your taste and even the bread may tear down.

      Who should avoid:

      1. Person suffering from obesity
      2. Person with high cholesterol
      3. High Blood pressure
      4. Skin problems
      and in some relative cases.. 

      Monday, 18 February 2013

      How to cook Delicious Momos(Indian Style)....

      Ready to cook Delicious Momos(Indian Style)....

      Ingrediens Required:

      • Cabbage
      • Onion
      • Carrot
      • Salt
      • Garlic
      • Oil
      • Fine Flour(Maida)

      Steps to Prepare:

      • Finely chop cabbage,carrot,onion.
      • Thereon add Oil in a frying pan and fry the above vegetables for just 5 min and then add salt to it.
      • Take fine flour(maida) and a make a dough out of i t.
      • Then make small balls out of dough and roll it to make a small ball like shape.
      • Then add the above prepared vegetables into it,and close it so that the vegetables doesn't come out of the rolls.
      • Then take and Idli maker or so just to prepare steam.
      • Then place the above prepared rolls into the Idli maker and close the lid.
      • After few min (8-10 min),open the lid and place it in a plate.

      Delicious Momos  is ready...
      Serve it hot....

      Wednesday, 13 February 2013

      How to cook Delicious Salad?

      Ready to cook Delicious Salad....

      Ingrediens Required:

      • Cabbage
      • Onion
      • Carrot
      • Cucumber
      • Beet Root
      • Radish
      • Tomato
      • Lemon
      • Salt
      • Chat Masala
      • Vinegar
      • Black Salt
      • Black Pepper

      Steps to Prepare:

      • Cut All Seasonal Vegetables in very fine slices either longitudinally or vertically.
      • Thereon add Salt and Pinch of black salt,and finally Chat Masala and Lemon to add taste.
      • You can also add vinegar if you like its taste.
      • And you tasty and healthy salad is ready to serve.

      Delicious Salad  is ready...

      Monday, 16 April 2012

      How to Cook Suji ki Idli?

      Ready to cook Suji ki Idli....

      Ingrediens Required:

      • Suji (250gm)
      • Rai
      • Salt
      • Dahi(Yogurt 100 gm)
      • Oil
      • Black Sarso

      Steps to Cook:

      • Take Dry Suji in a bowl,put some water into it and mix it well to make a paste, also add Dahi to it.Make its paste using more amount of Dahi rather than water.
      • Thereon add Salt,Rai or Black Sarso to it.
      • Keep it aside for around 2hours.
      • You should have an Idli Maker with you,If you don't have buy it from the market.
      • After 2 hours,take your idli make and fill its base with water and allow it to boil for some time.
      • In the mean time you put oil in the rest of the container of the idli maker and start filling it with the paste that you earlier prepared.
      • Now one by one put these containers in that idli maker.(You will be provided with all the containers along with the idli maker.)
      • Now Cover its lid and allow it to heat for around 10 min.
      • Finally open the lid of the idli maker and serve it with sambhar.

      Delicious Suji ki Idli is   is ready...

      Saturday, 14 April 2012

      How To Cook Chane Ki Daal Ka Paratha?

      Ready to cook Chane Ki Daal Ka Paratha....

      Ingredients required: 
      • Wheat Flour
      • Chana Daal(200 gm)
      • Ginger
      • Cumin
      • Salt
      • Oil
      • Turmeric
      • Red Chili Powder
      • Green Chili(1-2)

      आवश्यक सामग्री

      • गेहूं का आटा
      • हल्दी
      • चना दाल (200 ग्राम)
      • तेल
      • अदरक
      • जीरा
      • नमक
      • लाल मिर्च पाउडर
      • हरी मिर्च (1-2)

      Steps To Cook:
      • Cut ,Ginger ( अदरक ) into very small pieces.
      • Soak Chana Daal for 2-3 hours in water.
      • Thereon fry it using oil in a fry pan.
      • Now add salt to it and fry it for some time.
      • Now take a grinder and grind it without putting water into it.
      •  Now add  Cumin ( जीरा ), Red Chili Powder ( लाल मिर्च पाउडर ), Green Chili ( हरी मिर्च )  and mix it again.
      • Now make a dough out of Flour ( गेहूं का आटा ).
      • After you have made it,take small piece of it and make cup like structure out of it.
      • Now fill that cup like structure with the above stuffs that you prepared.
      • Seal(close) the open portion. 
      • Now flatten it slowly and make it 3 to 4 cm in diameter.
      • Heat Tawa and put some oil to it and spread it all over the tawa.
      • Put this flattened dough on tawa. Heat on one side and then overturn it.
      • Put oil on both sides and heat it again for some time.

      Note:  Do not put water while grinding Chana Daal (चना दाल)

      Cooking time : 15 minute

      Best to serve with : 
      Serve it with Tamatar ki chutney or Pickle.

      Tip for the recipe: You can mix maida with wheat flour to make it soft.

      Your delicious Chane Ki  Daal  Ka paratha is ready. Serve it while hot. Hope you will enjoy the taste of this recipe.

      How to Cook Manchurian?

       Ready to cook Manchurian...

      Ingredients Required:
      • Cabbage
      • Capsicum
      • Salt (to taste)
      • Oil
      • Onion
      • Beans
      • Carrot
      • Maida
      • Garlic
      • Ginger
      • Arrarot Powder
      • Chilli Sauce
      • Soya Sauce
      • Tomato Sauce
      • Agina Moto(Optional)
      Steps To Cook:
      • Cut Cabbage,Capsicum,Carrot,Beans,Onion,Garlic,Ginger in small long pieces.
      • Now put these cut vegetables in a vessel and add maida,arrarot Powder salt and water and mix it thoroughly.
      • The mixture should be hard enough to make small balls out of it.
      • Now make small balls of it and deep fry it in a frying pan until the balls are light brown in color.
      • Now when the balls are fully prepared,keep them aside.
      • Now take another frying pan,add some oil to it.
      • Fry the long cut Capsicum,Beans,Carrot and Onion.
      • Now add salt,Tomato sauce,chilli Sauce and Soya sauce to it and fry it for some time.
      • Add some water to it.
      • Finally add the vegetable balls which you made into the gravy.

      Delicious Manchurian is ready.......

      Friday, 13 April 2012

      How to Cook Aaloo Raita?

      Ready to cook Alloo Raita.......

      Ingredients Required:

      • Dahi(200gm)
      • Lal Mirch Powder
      • Salt
      • Kala Namak
      • Hari mirch
      • Jeera
      • Onion
      • Boiled Potato
      • Chaat Masala

      Steps To Cook:

      • Add some water to Dahi and mix it well.
      • Boil Potato for some time.
      • After its boiled,peel of its skin and cut potato in square shape.
      • Heat frying pan for some time and then fry Jeera(not powdered) without oil until its black in color.
      • Now make a dry powderout of that fried jeera.
      • Finally add cut Potato to it,also add salt to taste
      • You can also add Chaat Masala,if you like its taste.

      Your delicious Aloo Raita   is ready...