Friday, 5 July 2013

Sabudana Paratha recipe | How to make sabudana paratha

Ingredients required:

1: Sabudana (Sago)

2: Onion

3: Fresh coriander 

4: Chat Masala

5: Potato

6: Refined oil

7: Salt

आवश्यक सामग्री

1: साबूदाना

2: प्याज

3: ताजा धनिया

4: चैट मसाला

5: आलू

6: रिफाइंड तेल

7: नमक

Steps To Follow:

1: Soak Sabudana ( साबूदाना) overnight in cold water,

2: Boil Potatoes (आलू) and then keep it aside.

3: Now drain sabudana ( साबूदाना)  and then mash potatoes (आलू)  in it,after peeling the skin of the potato (आलू) .

4: Add salt ( नमक), chat masala and Fresh coriander (ताजा धनिया) to it,if you wish you could add finely chopped onions ( प्याज) to it.

5: Now make small balls of the mixture you prepared and then take a drop of oil and rub it on your palm so that it doesn't stick while making it flat.

6: Now make those balls flat like chapati.

7: Take a fry pan and add 3,4 spoon oil and then put the flat chapati like balls that your prepared on it.

8: Turn it over and roast it properly.

Note: Do not add water while making a mixture of sabudana ( साबूदाना)  and potatoes(आलू) .

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