Sunday 1 April 2012

Chini ka paratha | paratha recipe | Sweet paratha of sugar

Ready to cook Chinni (Sugar) ka paratha....

Ingredients required: 
  • Wheat Flour
  • Oil/Butter
  • Salt
  • Sugar
आवश्यक सामग्री
  • गेहूं का आटा
  • चीनी
  • तेल /  मक्खन
  • नमक

Steps To Cook:
  • Make a dough out of Flour ( गेहूं का आटा ).
  • After you have made it,take small piece of it and make cup like structure out of it.
  • Now fill that cup like structure with the Sugar ( चीनी ) and salt ( नमक ) that you prepared.
  • Seal (close) the open portion. 
  • Now flatten it slowly and make it 3 to 4 cm in diameter.
  • Heat Tawa and put some oil to it and spread it all over the tawa.
  • Put this flattened dough on tawa. Heat on one side and then overturn it.
  • Put oil on both sides and heat it again for some time.

Note:  Overturn the paratha quickly as it get stuck on tawa easily.

Cooking time : 5 minute

Best to serve with : 
Serve it with Pickle or garlic (लहसुन) chutney.

Your delicious Sugar (चीनी ) paratha is ready. Serve it while hot. Hope you will enjoy the taste of this recipe.


  1. Please be a little more pro and add specific measurements to the ingredients.Its not a "recipe" otherwise!!

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