Monday, 20 February 2012

How to Cook Gajar Ka Halwa?

Ready to cook "Gajar Ka Halwa...."

Ingredients Required:

  •  Carrot
  •   Sugar
  •   Milk
  •   Choti Elaichi
  •   Oil
  •   Cashew Nuts
  •   Soaked Raisins      

Steps To Follow:
  •       Grate Carrot in any of the graters you have.
  •       Add Some oil to your Frying pan and then cook grated Carrot in it for some time.
  •       Add half cup of milk to it and then cook it until the milk is fully absorbed.
  •       Thereon add Sugar to taste.
  •       Finally for garnishing, add grated Cashew nuts and soaked raisins to the dish.

Delicious Gajar Ka Halwa is ready to eat…


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